Best Music Streaming Apps in India

There have been big changes in the way you listen to music in recent years. Most of today’s smartphone users use streaming services to listen to music on their smartphones, tablets and even on their computers.

Likewise in India, with a dense population, India is the biggest user who loves songs or music through music streaming services. The total number of internet users in India is projected to exceed 735 million by 2021, with more than 73% consuming content in Indian regional languages. The rise in everyday language content consumption has helped famous music streaming giants establish a presence in India.

best music streaming apps in India

1. Gaana

Gaana, a local music streaming app launched in 2010 is leading the market in India along with passing 150 million users in February 2020. In an effort to face off against its competitors, Gaana introduced video stories on its platform that feature artists and influencers and allow users to view video content short.

In addition to these features, Gaana is also focused on expanding its library with original podcasts and shows. Gaana’s premium service offers an annual subscription for INR 399 and a monthly service for INR 99.

2. JioSaavn

Born as Saavn in 2007, this music streaming app has now incorporated Jio’s music and changed its name to JioSaavn. The name itself is synonymous with music because in Hindi it means rainy season. JioSaavn has a collection of over 45 million songs in English, Hindi and other Indian languages. Reliance Jio users can also use the app to tune caller Jio songs from the late 70’s, 90’s and rap / remix music library. The business model is freemium and premium plans start at £ 99 / month onwards. The 90-day free trial and premium plan include free music streaming and offline playback. Podcasts and radio streaming are also available.

Besides the 2 music streaming apps above, there are many other music streaming apps or websites that are starting to develop, namely Laguanz. This website also offers streaming India music in different languages or genres like Hindi, Punjabi, Haryanvi and other India music genres.
Author: ecflceen